Bog Brew

This was the story up until the restaurant closed – to see the journey after that visit BB’s own website here.

What’s in a name?  Well, there is a story behind Bog Brew, as you can imagine.

When Paul was doing his very first practice brew, we posted this picture to facebook with the caption “OTG’s first batch of Bicknor Brew is nearly ready for bottling in our pico-brewery!!!”

Someone commented “I don’t normally comment on these sort of things but you’re doing this in the toilet …?”

We replied “You are quite right but don’t panic, this is only a practice one for us not for public consumption!!!”

A day or so later, there was a voicemail from Environmental Health saying someone had made a report that we were brewing beer in the toilet. My return call was one of the funniest conversations I have had in my life explaining that it was only homebrew and not for sale in the restaurant (not that we could have sold it at that stage, not being registered with HMRC for beer duty).

And so Bicknor Brew became Bog Brew with lots of scope for toilet humour when naming the beers, thus:-

Porter Potty 4.1% 

A deep dark stout using an amount of Chocolate malt, roasted barley and flaked oats to give a rich silky mouthfeel with chocolate hints. The use of Northern Brewer hops for initial bittering and Target English hops added during fermentation give a peppery notes and a lasting finish



Pail Ale 5.3%                    

This is a mid-colour IPA combining pale, crystal and Munich malts to give a crisp mouthfeel. Columbus hops added in 2 stages provide peppery, citrus front notes with the British target hops giving a bitter long lasting finish                                  




2Mhaard 5.4% (an obsolete Bruges word for double flush)

Saison blonde ale with the classic sour notes from the Belgian yeast strain. Dry and crisp with hints of sage and pepper. Great lager alternative





Bottoms Up 3.7%            

Easy drinking mid-gold ale, in the American style using Galena hops for both bittering and aroma. Pear and grapefruit hues






Bombs Away 6.4%

A double IPA, this ale is our most complex ale, containing Light, Crystal, Munich, Wheat and Dextrin malts. Columbus bittering hops adds peppery citrus notes, whilst late and dry hopping addition of Galena hops adds fruity notes.





So thank you to whomever called our EHO, you gave us inspiration and a funny story behind the beer.

Since then, Paul has been on a brewing course and has taken the brewing operation out of our home into a separate space (no toilet in sight!) and upgraded the equipment to initially to a 44 litre operation …..

but which has been further upgraded to a 500 litre set up!!



Yep, we don’t do things by halves.

We have also planted hops








And here is the seal of approval from our friends at SIBA.

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