This week’s post has really written itself.  For one reason or another, I missed at the time a Tripadvisor review noting that the cost of our chicken supreme dish has increased since we opened.

It was initially £13.95 (the reviewer said £11 or £12 but I have checked back to our very first menu and it has never been cheaper than £13.95) and is now £16.95.

When we first opened, we massively under-estimated the costs of the other components to put that dish on the plate and it wasn’t until we had some historical data to accurately work this out could we properly price our menu.  Rooky mistake but it was (and still is) a learning process for us.

In addition to finding that review, we got a Farmdrop emailed newsletter with an article in it about cheap chicken and how it really isn’t chicken as we know it so should perhaps be given its own name.  The average price of a cheap chicken is now cheaper than the average price of a pint of beer!!

Our chicken comes from Brookfield Farm and are reared and cared for to the highest standards abiding by the 5 freedom principles of farming.

Talking of beer, we sold our first bottles of Bog Brew on Wednesday this week, woohoo!!!  Paul was quite nervous at what the reaction would be, but also massively proud that people are prepared to spend hard earned money on his creation.  Thank you so much everyone for your continued support on our journey in the hospitality industry.


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