Our menu is designed so that the average person can manage a starter, main and dessert (and maybe share a cheeseboard to finish) over the course of the evening with us. The table is yours for the whole evening so why not?


  • Vegan roasted red pepper and chickpea soup – £4.95
  • Spring onion and aubergine fritters served with chilli aoli and lambs lettuce – £4.95
  • Vegan risotto balls served with tomato sauce – £5.50
  • Blue cheese panacotta served with hazelnut and breadcrumbs and balsamic glazed beetroot – £5.50
  • Black pudding “scotch eggs”, black pudding where the egg would usually be, two deep fried and served with a red wine reduction – £5.95
  • Dressed Crab – Ian Plaice’s white crab meat, served with toast – £5.95
  • Ox cheek bonbons served with cauliflower, lambs lettuce and dried tomato pesto – £6.50
  • Rabbit pate en croute served with cress, mustard and onion puree and a stout reduction – £6.50



  • Vegan spicy roasted vegetables and mushrooms served with a turmeric and chickpea puree and dried tomato pesto – £12.95
  • Vegan speltotto with lemon and hazelnut £12.95(add chicken to this and the above main for £2)
  • Leek, asparagus and goats cheese tart served with a soy reduction, roasted beetroot, cauliflower and cress – £13.50
  • Slow cooked pork belly and octopus served with parisienne potato, Romanesco cauliflower, chantenay carrots and a soy reduction – £16.50
  • Chicken supreme stuffed with bacon and spinach served with dauphinoise potato, helba beans, mushroom and a rosemary sauce – £17.95
  • Pan seared trout served with cauliflower, carrot, asparagus, garlic aoli and cress – £18.50
  • Seared wood pigeon breast served with cauliflower puree, dauphinoise potato, baby carrots, sugar snap peas and a red wine reduction – £19.95
  • Bavette steak served with pan fried potatoes, baby carrots, tenderstem broccoli and your choice of green peppercorn or blue cheese sauce – £21.00
  • Pretty as a Michelin-esque picture – noisette and cutlet of lamb served with parsienne potato, radish, garden peas and a rosemary sauce – £21.50
  • Butter poached monkfish loin served with crushed potato, radicchio, helba bean, caviar and a sage pesto – £24.50

(Accompaniments £4 each – blue cheese and potato croquette; helba beans with balsamic, olive oil and tarragon; garlic and parsley butter mushrooms; vegetables with a balsamic glaze)


  • Vegan American pancakes served with blueberry chia jam and coconut yogurt – £4.95
  • Strawberry parfait served with spiced crumble infused with black olive and a strawberry gel – £5.50
  • Chaussons aux Pommes – apples flavoured with cinnamon, wrapped in puff pastry and served with Maynard’s ice cream – £5.50
  • Chef’s speciality Portuguese almond tarte served with a red wine reduction and chocolate Chantilly cream – £5.95
  • Salted caramel cheesecake – £5.95
  • Dark chocolate pave served with chocolate soil, seasonal fruit berries and Maynard’s ice cream – £6.45
  • Vegan pecan pie served with strawberry and rhubarb coulis – £6.45
  • Our nod to Michelin-style – pistachio semi-fredo served with meringue, chill and bacon dust, dehydrated strawberry, sesame glazed puff pastry and a strawberry gel – £6.95
  • Can’t decide between the desserts on our a la carte menu?  Why not order our tasting plate with a small portion of parfait, chaussons aux pommes, salted caramel cheesecake, chef’s speciality Portuguese almond tarte, and dark chocolate pave – £7.50

Cheeseboard – a selection of cheeses served with biscuits, fruit, walnuts and chutney – £8.50

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