As those of you who read our posts regularly already know, the biggest perk of our job is having a genuine reason to eat and drink out.  This time we visited Adam Handling’s new place called The Frog located within part of the old Truman’s Brewery just off Brick Lane in Shoreditch, London.sdr

davAdam’s previous venture was located in a hotel; this one is completely different retaining a lot of industrial elements of the old brewery building with no soft furnishing in super trendy surroundings.

The menu was true to his usual style – a list of ingredients with no description of the cooking process. We had the 7 course tasting menu, but they offer multiple different menus to suit the different dining styles of their customers.  The wealth of choice was actually a bit baffling to us and wasn’t explained by the front of house staff, but to be fair we didn’t ask for any explanation either.

Albeit they were tasting plate portions, the 7 courses was enough for us and we walked out of there if anything a bit too full.







Their beer list was extensive – all craft beers as far as we could see. We didn’t even look at the wine list (unusual for us) as our first round of drinks was a dark Brewdog called Dark Black Heart and a draft IPA called Hop Fiction and they were both so good we stayed on them all night!!


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