OMG where does the time go?? Haven’t done a blog post in 1/3rd of a year and January is nearly already over – I swear the world is turning more quickly on its axis!!!

So as you probably know, we closed the the first couple of weeks of the year and went away, which is important for anyone running a business to get some space to work on rather than just in it.  Lots of shop talk and taking “inspiration” from the food and drink ingested, good job we work together or what would we have to talk about.

So the things we discussed was whether to take a stall at the indoor market to sell Bog Brew (still on the cards but on the back burner as ideally we would want it to be an on and off licence and there are issues with the on licence part of that), the real ale and cider festival (definitely want to make this happen, just need to sit down with key persons to sort out the details), and how to develop the menu to push forward with the offering.

One of the things we have decided to work on is a vegan offering.  We already cater pretty well for vegetarians but adapting those to vegan is not straightforward (cheese in the risotto, butter and cream in sauce, for example). By coincidence I was bought a vegan cookbook (Hugh FW’s second book on veg) for Christmas and there are some lovely looking dishes in there. Amazing what you can create when you apply some thought to it.

So watch this space – come beginning of March the menu will have a re-vamp to include at least 1 vegan starter, main and dessert.

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